Kimetrica is a social enterprise where every employee has previous work experience in the non-profit sector, so we understand your challenges and opportunities.


Kimetrica’s mission is to increase the effectiveness of spending in the social sector. We provide software, research, advisory and training services for evidence-based decision making and learning. We help governments and non-profit organisations to increase the impact and efficiency of their social investments, enhance accountability, manage critical risks, and build donor or taxpayer confidence. 

Kimetrica is a social enterprise where we care more about the impact of our work than about corporate profitability. We only hire people who have been volunteers, activists or community leaders.

We are passionate about our work. While we work in different disciplines, we have a common thirst for innovation and for discovery. We strive for efficiency in all that we do, practicing what we preach. Continuous learning is part of our culture. Our personal and corporate commitment is to total quality and total integrity. We work hard, but always make time for family, friends, and fun.


We started out in 2006. Working for governments and international aid agencies, we had seen large budgets being spent on tackling global challenges and responding to disasters. But major decisions were being made based on gut feeling or political expedience rather than hard evidence. We wanted to do things differently.

From an office in Nairobi, Kenya, a small team started experimenting with new software and research methods for ensuring that hard evidence was delivered to decision-makers in a meaningful format. We built prototype tools for measuring impact and performance and for managing disasters. These tools have been continuously refined since then, adapting to new thinking, technological change, and the evolving needs of our clients.

Now we are an international team of over 50. Many are of us are still based in East Africa, but all our systems are web-based, designed to work from anywhere. Currently, our staff are based in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Germany, Haiti, Italy, Kenya, Moldova, Mongolia, Somalia, South Sudan and dotted around the United States. Our unique geographical spread allows us to test technologies and approaches in the toughest conditions and across different cultures.

Despite rapid growth and radical technological transformations, we are still true to our original mission and values. We remain intolerant of waste and inefficiency and zealous about increasing the impact of social spending. We are still constantly experimenting with new approaches, and learning lessons from scientific research and commercial practices that can be applied to public sector and non-profit management.



  • Photo Ben Watkins
    Ben Watkins
    Chief Executive Officer

    As CEO, Ben provides overall leadership and oversees Kimetrica’s technical services, ensuring that we provide World Class research, technology, advisory and training. Ben has a long history of managing complex emergencies and development initiatives.

    For most of his career, Ben has been at the forefront of the use of information and communications technology for faster information collection and real time decision making. His work has been instrumental in the development of a range of web-based applications from demographic analysis to performance management that are transforming the way the non-profit sector manages humanitarian and development projects. Ben has a Masters degree in Agricultural Economics from Oxford University.

  • Photo Rob Rose
    Rob Rose
    Chief Operating Officer

    Rob manages Kimetrica’s operations, including finance, human resources and business development departments. He works closely with our clients, partners and technical teams ensuring that our clients receive high quality deliverables at a reasonable cost. Rob has worked in the humanitarian and development sectors his entire career.

    Before joining Kimetrica, he worked for over 10 years for USAID FEWS NET, managing and setting up early warning offices from Somalia to South Sudan to Rwanda and Afghanistan. He has managed emergency food programs for USAID, NGOs and the UN and was instrumental in establishing humanitarian supply corridors in Rwanda, South Sudan and Somalia during extreme crises. Rob is a graduate from the University of Colorado with a degree in Geography.

  • Photo Roger Hunwicks
    Roger Hunwicks
    Chief Information Officer

    As CIO, Roger manages ICT and software development teams focused on transforming concepts for new technologies into web-based decision support tools. These tools are allowing our clients to manage projects and make decisions in ways that have never been possible.

    Roger has over 20 years of experience developing software products for the private, public and non-profit sectors. His experience ranges from designing enterprise resource planning software through to decision support tools for the United Nations and USAID. The software products Roger has developed are used by frontline staff working in war zones and by government and UN decision makers charged with analyzing humanitarian problems and making funding decisions for response actions. Roger has a degree from Oxford University in Mathematics.

  • Photo Dr. Helen Guyatt
    Dr. Helen Guyatt
    Head of Research

    Helen Guyatt is responsible for managing Kimetrica’s research activities. Using the most recent advances in statistical analysis and research methods, Helen focuses on providing clients with analysis, results and recommendations that are both understandable and actionable. Helen is a world-class researcher with over 20 years of experience as an epidemiologist and health economist working on a range of topics related to the monitoring and evaluation of programs and the epidemiology and burden of disease on income and livelihoods.

    Her work includes the design of analytical strategies to support decision-making in developing countries using economic, statistical and simulation modelling tools. She has published more than 100 scientific articles, worked as a researcher, trainer, facilitator and advisor in many countries across Africa and Asia. Helen and her research findings have influenced policy and positively affected the lives of thousands throughout the developing world. Helen holds a Ph.D. from Imperial College, University of London, in Epidemiology.

  • Photo Anita Shah
    Anita Shah
    Managing Director - Kenya Office

    Anita is the Managing Director of the Kimetrica Kenya office. In addition to overseeing operations, client relations and staff welfare, Anita manages specific technical projects.

    She has strong development and humanitarian experience and has worked internationally for the past 15 years with the United Nations, International NGOs and the UK Department for International Development. 

  • Photo Douglas  Odida
    Douglas Odida
    Head of ICT Support Services

    Douglas manages our ICT infrastructure that ranges from globally distributed Amazon cloud servers to highly secure local servers to VSATs and field based local area networks for the storage and transmission of field level data.   As we work in some of the world’s most challenging environments, Douglas specialises in finding solutions to very difficult field conditions that require creative technical approaches to communications and data transmission.

  • Photo Christie Yarosh
    Christie Yarosh
    Head of Finance

    Christie manages financial operations and strategic financial planning for Kimetrica’s global operations. Her work is challenging and often requires creativity in financing field operations in remote locations without banking facilities. For nearly 20 years, Christie has managed financial operations for global companies.

    At Kimetrica Christie ensures that we remain compliant in multiple jurisdictions from the US to Africa and Eastern Europe and that our financial operations staff are well trained in local and US Government financial regulatory requirements. Christie has a degree from the University of Colorado in Accounting.

  • Photo Mehari Belachew
    Mehari Belachew
    Survey Manager

    Mehari is an expert in monitoring and evaluation and population-based survey design and management.  He is responsible for managing Kimetrica’s surveys in Africa. As a demographer with a long history of managing national surveys, Mehari provides our clients with in-depth knowledge and skills on all facets of survey management, from sample design to enumerator training to quality control.

    In addition to managing large population based surveys, Mehari provides technical support in monitoring humanitarian conditions in some of the world’s most challenging environments. His work in this area includes training monitors in qualitative and quantitative data collection, the use of communications technology, such as satellite telephones, for data transmission, and the implementation of security protocols to ensure field staff safety.

  • Photo Asegid Debebe
    Asegid Debebe
    Software Project Manager

    Asegid is a software project manager and Kimetrica’s Ethiopia office representative. His responsibilities range from ensuring the efficient management of Kimetrica’s Ethiopia operations to managing software developers in planning, executing and delivering software solutions to our clients.  Asegid has a long history of developing bespoke software tools for humanitarian applications and understands how to translate client needs into world-class software tools.

  • Photo Jesaja Everling
    Jesaja Everling
    Django Programmer

    Jesaja typifies the professionalism and technical skills of our software engineers.  Trained in Germany and fluent in German, English and Spanish, Jesaja is developing software tools that have never before been developed.  From web-based mapping tools to monitor the location of field staff and assist them in uploading data from the world’s most remote locations to analytical tools that calculate advanced statistics on the fly.

    An expert in coding in Python and Django, Jesaja is also helping to mentor new staff in the application of these coding technologies in the development of a new generation of software tools for the humanitarian and development professional.

  • Photo Allan Kinoti
    Allan Kinoti
    Marketing and Sales Team Leader

    Allan leads Kimetrica’s marketing and sales.  His work includes the management of our web-content, the development of publicity materials, and direct discussions with clients interested in Kimetrica’s products and services.  Software sales and, in particular, our web-based M&E software, ki-projectsTM, is at the core of much of Allan’s work. He is particularly skilled in understanding client’s needs and illustrating how our software products can address needs.

  • Photo Agnes Kyenze
    Agnes Kyenze
    Software Team Leader

    Agnes manages software development processes from our Nairobi office. Her work includes software project management, including work planning and budgeting to client requirements discussions to leading the development of software specification documents and management of development sprint schedules.

    In addition to managing the delivery of software products, Agnes is a software engineer and spends much of her time writing software code for some of Kimetrica’s corporate software applications, such as ki-projectsTM.

  • Photo Hemesh Lakhani
    Hemesh Lakhani
    Commerical Operations Manager

    Hemesh is responsible for ensuring that our offices in East Africa run efficiently and that our field work is implemented following Kimetrica’s quality control and security standards. As a lawyer, he also ensures our compliance with local laws and requirements. Hemesh has a long history of managing commerical operations in East Africa, including trouble shooting the challenges that come with operating in remote field locations where security and infrastructure are non-existent.

    As Commerical Operations Manager, Hemesh coordinates Kimetrica's business development processes.  He works closely with our technical and administrative teams on proposal development and partner engagement. Hemesh has a degree from the University of Houston in Economics and a Post-Graduate degree in Law.

  • Photo Hussein Lightwalla
    Hussein Lightwalla
    Software Team Leader

    Hussein manages Kimetrica’s ki-projectsTM infrastructure, supporting 100s of users and clients ranging from small local NGOs to large global non-profits.  His work includes the continued design and upgrade of our off the shelf software, as well as customised versions for corporate level applications.  In addition to managing ki-projectsTM, as a core-software team leader, Hussein works on the development of other software products, such as Population Explorer, and mentors junior staff.

  • Photo Eric  Muchugu
    Eric Muchugu
    GIS Team Leader

    Eric ensures that our spatial data resources and analytical capacity is world class.  He manages what is one of Africa’s most comprehensive GIS labs, using ESRI and Kimetrica’s own bespoke spatial data management and analysis libraries. Eric has strong technical knowledge and is an expert in advanced geo-spatial analysis techniques using such technologies as PostgreSQL and R.

    Eric is also responsible for managing the analysis of Kimetrica’s work on measuring resilience, monitoring humanitarian conditions among highly vulnerable populations in East Africa, designing new approaches for livelihoods profiling, and developing approaches for improved humanitarian logistics planning and implementation.

  • Photo Frank Riely
    Frank Riely
    Senior Economist

    Frank manages Kimetrica’s FEWS NET Technical Support project, providing USAID with new methods for data analysis, new approaches for resilience measurement, and new tools for data capture, analysis and reporting. Frank is an expert in policy analysis and program evaluation, with a particular focus on targeting, and famine early warning.

    His two decades of work on agriculture, food security and food aid policy development, has had a direct positive impact on the approaches for humanitarian interventions in some of the world’s most vulnerable countries. Frank is a graduate from Notre Dame and Tulane University in Economics.