Strengthen your disaster management capacity by adopting early warning systems and designing optimal responses to risks and hazards. Our advisory team, which has managed disasters in the world’s riskiest environments, will help you to introduce best practices for handling your corporate and project risks.

Early Warning Systems

Early Warning (EW) Systems ensure that key decision-makers are completely aware of emerging risks and threats and are able to act and take preventative measures before disaster strikes. We work with governments and international organisations to identify the right indicators and tools for collecting and analysing early warning data.

Kimetrica offers a unique combination of highly flexible software technologies for early warning that work both online and where connectivity is limited. Our specialists will help you build systems that capture the range of relevant data, from ground data collection systems to remotely sensing data. The system provides meaningful and easily interpreted reports and graphics for decision-makers.

The Kimetrica team has developed EW systems for monitoring and early warning of environmental and meteorological risks, market risks and conflict. We have also worked extensively on integration of early warning and early response systems, including development of triggers rapid response and contingency planning.

Contingency Planning Support

Dynamic contingency planning processes and scalable responses enable disaster management agencies to handle risks and hazards effectively, through careful and evidence-based proactive planning rather than reactive crisis management.

Kimetrica’s specialists will help you to develop realistic, relevant and practical contingency plans and to adopt improved emergency response planning methods, tools and processes. We work with you to adopt dynamic computerised planning technologies that integrate early warning, operational planning and financial planning.

Kimetrica personnel have worked on contingency plans and emergency response plans across the globe, and have worked with a range of risks including drought, armed conflict, forced migration, terror attacks and epidemiological risks. We have worked to support continental, regional national and local contingency planning processes.

Risk Financing Mechanism Design

Having readily available financial resources is essential for effective disaster management. Quick releasing funds can support early preventative measures as well as rapid responses and reduce the impact of disaster on lives and property. Kimetrica’s specialists can help you to design financing mechanisms that will meet your needs for cash on hand.

We can help you to identify the most cost-effective financing options from pre-funding to insurance-based approaches. We use actuarial and risk models to estimate how much funding will be needed, which risk-financing instruments should be used and how disbursement triggers should be designed.

Kimetrica has worked with DFID, the World Bank, WFP and Africa Risk Capacity (ARC) on design of risk financing mechanisms.