Make better informed decisions based on real-time remote situational monitoring services, impact assessment and simulation, and risk forecasting. With reliable data on probable or actual needs, losses and costs, you can improve the quality and timeliness of your emergency interventions and risk financing decisions.

    DRM Response Optimisation

    What is the best way to design your logistics network for humanitarian and emergency supplies? How can you make savings on supply chains or value chains? How can you reach more people with the same resources? How can you reduce losses? These are common questions posed by disaster risk managers.

    Using computer models and specialised optimisation software, Kimetrica can analyse your supply chains or value chains and identify feasible ways to improve service delivery and/or reduce costs.

    Kimetrica’s disaster risk management specialists have in-depth experience with humanitarian supply chains and response coordination. We also draw on expertise from leading international research institutes. Our experience includes coordinating strategic decision-making, designing performance-based contractual arrangements for local implementing partners and optimising relief distribution networks.

    Early Warning and Situational Monitoring

    If your organisation has investments or projects in high-risk areas but you do not have reliable information on the social, economic and security context, Kimetrica can quickly deploy systems for ground monitoring using networks of experienced local enumerators. By providing timely and objective data on economic, health, security and environmental conditions, you can know when and how best to intervene.

    We provide early warning and situational assessment services in areas where public systems have collapsed or are unreliable. Our teams collect individual, household and market level data, which is transmitted to analysts in near-real time, for prompt reporting. Kimetrica often combines ground data reporting with analysis of remote sensing data from satellite imagery. Situational monitoring services are sometimes combined with project performance monitoring.

    Kimetrica is currently providing remote early warning and monitoring services in three conflict-torn areas in Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Post-Disaster Impact and Needs Assessment

    In the event of disaster, timely and reliable quantitative information on the extent of damage and need is the basis for effective relief responses and recovery strategies. Unfortunately, the scarcity of objective data in the immediate aftermath of a disaster often leads to delays in funding and operations.

    Kimetrica can rapidly deploy survey teams to conduct independent impact and needs assessments, based on robust and tested methods. We work with survey-based approaches, rapid qualitative assessment and also make extensive use of remote sensing data and aerial photogrammetric analysis. We can also undertake costing for relief and recovery interventions.

    Our team has a wealth of experience in conducting post disaster assessments across the globe. We have worked on drought, conflict-related, seismic and epidemiological disasters.

    Risk Analysis and Mapping

    Understanding who is exposed to which risks, where and when, is critical for designing and implementing humanitarian interventions and risk reduction projects. Accurate localised profiles of risk exposure and of underlying vulnerabilities help to improve the relevance and effectiveness of the responses.

    Kimetrica helps organisations to identify and quantify at-risk areas and vulnerable population groups to support disaster risk management strategies. Our focus is on geographic and statistical precision, and we work with high resolution remote sensing imagery, ground data and statistical sources to produce accurate and meaningful map surfaces. Risk and vulnerability maps are often used to conjunction with disaster impact and needs assessments.

    Our team has worked extensively with flood, drought, and epidemiological risk mapping. Kimetrica personnel have been heavily involved in livelihood zone and vulnerability mapping.