Prepare your team for the next disaster or emergency by upgrading their skills in early warning, risk analysis, contingency planning, rapid intervention design, and risk financing. Training is tailored to reflect the types of risks you face, your resource and operational context, and your learning priorities.

Training on Disaster Risk Management

Does your organisation have the skills to manage a major disaster? Do your colleagues have a clear understanding of how to ensure that DRM is integrated in their regular work flows? Are you up-to-date with the latest thinking?

Kimetrica provides bespoke disaster risk training programmes, covering all aspects of disaster risk management from preparedness and disaster risk reduction (DRR) through to rapid response planning and operations. Much of the training entails interactive computer-based learning and realistic simulations. Our training services are particularly suited for emergency services and humanitarian organisations tasked with handling potentially catastrophic risks.

We have provided DRM training to NGOs, public institutions and international organisations under contract to DfID, the European Commission, Oxfam GB, the World Bank and USAID.