Transform your great ideas into feasible strategies with measurable indicators and realistic targets. Our highly experienced advisory team works with your team to introduce best practices and systems for results-based management. We work to improve performance at both corporate and project levels.

Corporate Performance Management Systems

Looking to improve your organisation’s overall performance? Can you measure the success of your projects, country programmes and global operations, and report back to donors and the board? Kimetrica provides advisory support, training and software services to strengthen your performance management at the project, country and corporate levels.

Our specialists help you to define the right Performance Indicators and set up systems to measure them. Working consultatively, we guide you in the development of strategic plans and dashboards that compare your performance with targets. We also advise you on how to appraise individual employee's contributions for project and corporate achievements.

Kimetrica provides integrated software support to Corporate Performance Management (CPM). The ki-projects™ platform allows you to measure performance consistently at all levels in the organisation, irrespective of the number, scale and complexity of your projects

Project M&E Systems

Effective projects adapt, improve, and achieve higher impact when they continuously learn based on feedback. Computerised Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) systems provide decision-makers with the information they require to implement dynamic improvements in project design, management and performance.

Our team of subject specialists and M&E experts will help you to develop systems that exactly meet your needs, and are ready to run in a matter of days. Kimetrica will work with your team to define and build the forms, reports and dashboards that you need. We will then support system testing, user training and system rollout and adoption.

We generally use Kimetrica’s ki-projects software, which is specifically designed for results-based M&E system development and roll-out. It is easy to customise, so that you do not rely on Kimetrica for design changes and modifications. Rigorous needs assessment and evaluation of existing information systems informs a consultative design process.

Project Design and Planning

Sound project design and high quality project documents are pre-conditions for impact, growth and sustainability. Kimetrica's advisory team helps you to design results-based projects and develop key project documents, such as funding proposals, meaningful theories of change and logical frameworks, results-based budgets and implementation guidelines. We will guide you through the complex process of negotiation and consultation with internal and external stakeholders.

Kimetrica works with partners throughout the project cycle, ideally engaging at the proposal writing stage, which is when an M&E system should start to take shape. We have detailed knowledge of the different donor formats and requirements so we can help you to design projects that are fully compliant with donor expectations as well as your internal policies and priorities. This increases your chances of attracting funding.